The Lakehouse Compute Engine for

Analytics, Data Engineering, GenAI, and more.

Reimagining Architecture to

from Monolithic, Stateless, VM-Centric

Reimagining Distributed Processing to

from Centralized, Static


Efficiency and ROI


Faster Throughput


Lower TCO


Data Movement
e6data's faster performance at the same cost as compared to other SQL query engines.

Faster Throughput

e6data’s compute engine powers 5-10x faster throughput as compared to other compute engines at the same target spend per hour. We are built for breakthrough analytics, data engineering, and GenAI use cases.

e6data's cheaper TCO at the same speed as compared to other SQL query engines.

Lower TCO

e6data’s compute engine is 50-60% cheaper as compared to other compute engines at the same target speed and throughput. We are built for optimal price-performance ratio on even your most challenging analytical workloads.

e6data's price performance at all latencies and concurrencies as compared to other SQL query engines.

Deterministic Latency

At any QPS, e6data’s compute engine guarantees the most performant p90 / p95 .... latencies as compared to other compute engines. High concurrency, low latency workloads such as external-facing analytics are our power use cases.

Amplify ROI, Unlock new use cases on your existing stack.

Reduce costs with increased performance on existing use cases. Deliver high-impact data products that were previously inaccessible.
e6data's architecture diagram: where is fits in existing data stacks.

No Vendor-Lock In.

Universal interoperability,
Open-source friendly

Universal interoperability, Open-source friendly

Standard SQL

ANSI SQL++, Databricks, Snowflake, Presto / Trino, Athena

Any Object Store

Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, GCS

Any Table Format

Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, Apache Hive, Delta Lake, XTable, UniForm

Any File Format

Parquet, ORC, JSON, CSV, AVRO, and others

Any Catalog

AWS Glue, Apache Hive, Databricks Unity

Use cases data teams love

How e6data powers Analytics, Data Engineering, and GenAI
Customer-facing Analytics
Interactive Dashboards
Real-time Analytics
Lakehouse Vector Search


Base Load Query Volume is handled at e6data


Throughput and Concurrency on other compute engines

Common challenges faced by enterprise data companies:

  • High query volumes with frequent spikes (>10x of base load).
  • Fast queries (<1-3s) for optimal customer experience.
  • Guarantees around median latencies & tail latencies p90/95/…
  • Urgent need to reduce total compute cost and cost per query.
  • Security & compliance limitations around data movement from customer VPC.

e6data’s superior processing efficiency, fast scale-in/out, and secure CloudPrem deployment model tackle these challenges head on.

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Fast & interactive BI on live data with customisation on e6data


Snappy, restrictive, analysis with high costs.

Common challenges faced by enterprise data companies:

  • Snappy, unresponsive visualizations and reports on live / real time data.
  • Lack of flexibility to drill down, filter, and include custom slices of data.
  • Complex analysis, wide set of dimensions, large volumes of data.
  • High costs on underlying compute platform.

e6data prevents thousands of hours of lost productivity. Powerful, fully-interactive, and blazing fast BI on live data. No restrictions or compromises on the nature of analysis, or on the extent of data.

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Ultra-low query latency on live, fast changing data with e6data


Query latency on live, fast changing data, no customisation

Common challenges faced by enterprise data companies:

  • Complex computations (including multi-table) with Joins, Windows, Filtering, CTEs, and much more.
  • Ultra-low query latency demands (<0.1 to 0.5 seconds) on live, fast changing data.
  • Inability to run anywhere, from central data lakes to edge providers.

e6data helps eliminate trade-offs between multiple essential requirements and power high-value use cases that drive revenues, increase customer conversions, cut costs and prevent fraud.

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Lakehouse-native vector search on your Lakehouse through e6data.


Vector search, away from the rest of your data

Common challenges faced by enterprise data companies:

  • The power of vector search is lost when siloed, that is, away from the rest of your data (like in a dedicated Vector DB)  and in a vendor’s VPC. 
  • Need to  integrate similarity search in the context of a  larger SQL or python workflow: in conjunction with complex queries.
  • Inefficiency in maintaining low latency, high QPS, and cost efficiency.

e6data’s Lakehouse-native vector search overcomes these barriers to production by performing fast, high volume, secure vector searches directly on your data Lakehouse.

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Secure, Automated, Instant Deployment

Deploy e6data within the security of your cloud VPC, connect to your data sources, spin up a cluster, and run your first query.
Deploy e6data within the security of your cloud VPC

Step 1

We are a kubernetes-native engine, and have created an automated workspace and cluster creation form, which ensures efficient resource allocation and access control, completing in less than 20 minutes.
Automated workspace and cluster creation form
Connect to your Data Sources

Step 2

We are universally interoperable, and fit right into your existing data stack. You can connect e6data to your existing metastore and also easily integrate with AWS S3, GCS, or Azure Blob Storage, accessing necessary metadata within minutes.
Connect and integrate e6data to your existing metastore
Spin up a Cluster

Step 3

Set up scalable e6data clusters effortlessly, integrating with your existing tools. We ensure adequate resource availability to handle varying user cases and loads in an automated mode.
Set up and integrate e6data with your existing tools
Run your First Query!

Step 4

Use the Query Editor to write and execute SQL queries efficiently. Access running clusters and catalogs with ease, and view query results immediately for quick insights.
Write and execute SQL queries efficiently.

Secure,Private, Governed. Your Data is in your Control Plane.

e6data offers the best in class enterprise-grade cloud-prem model.

e6data requires Zero Data Movement, owing to our Kubernetes-native architecture.

  • Deploys within your cloud VPC / data boundary.
  • Your data never leaves your object storage.
  • Powerful, fully customisable control and guardrails.

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e6data's cloudprem deployment model. It is secure, governend, and private.


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